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Are you new to the audio industry and need some tips and tricks when it comes to production and mixing? Look no further! If you haven't subsribed to Jerry's Youtube channel, go do it right now. Here are some clips from his channel.

Do any of those "analog" plug-ins really do anything?

In this short video, we will take a look on some of the most popular "analog" plug-ins on the market. We will, with the help of a tone generator and a frequency analyzer, see what does plug-ins ACTUALLY do... or don't do.

How to find and kill snare ring - But should you?

In this short tutorial, Jerry will show you how to find and kill those annoying snare rings, using some basic EQ moves.

How to mix pop punk under 40 minutes (quick mix tutorial)​

In this video, you will learn how Jerry Sandström starts a typical punk/rock mix. You will learn how he mixes guitar, drums, bass and more. From raw tracks, to a finished quick mix within 40 minutes.

How to mix a LINKIN PARK song under 40 minutes (quick mix)

Watch Jerry Sandström as he does a quick mix (aka rough mix) of Linkin Parks 'By Myself' from their debut album Hybrid Theory. You will see how he tackles screaming vocals, rap and more.

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